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  • Interview with our "Stepmother" Hanka Křížková here 

  • ČTK - PR service of the Czech Press Office  here

  • The magical musical Cinderella goes on tour here 

  • Cinderella Spring Tour 2014  here  

  • Dá competition with Cinderella here 

  • Cinderella on ice enchanted here

  • Cinderella on Ice here 

  • Migration of nations Cinderella on ice moves to Moravia here

  • Cinderella on ice enchanted the people of Ústice here 

  • Cinderella: Romance, Somersaults, Korn and Magic here 

  • Real stars live in Liberec Cinderella on ice is coming here

  • Cinderella will be welcomed in Pardubice here

  • I highly recommend Cinderella here 

  • Cinderella on Ice arrives here

  • The musical Cinderella on Ice started a new story here 

  • Ondřej Ruml at the premiere of Cinderella here

  • Petr Malásek about Cinderella here

  • Skating with Cinderella here 

  • Cinderella on Ice is supposed to be a musical full of magic and wonders here

  •  - Cinderella on ice here

  • The protagonists of Cinderella demonstrated their culinary skills for the second time here

  • Dejdar voluntarily painted himself here

  • Sabina Laurinová tried on a dress for the musical Cinderella here

  • Leona Machálková will skate in the most expensive musical here

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