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figure skating casting, choreography


costume designer



expert advisor on magic effects


script and direction


script and direction

Jindřich Simek

He started his professional artistic career in the ballet troupe of the State Theater in Ostrava,
where as a ballet soloist he played a number of main character roles. Due to his versatile artistic talent, he also performed as an actor in a drama and operetta troupe. In the seventies, he founded the Pantomime Theater in Ostrava and toured many European countries with his comic show.

He gradually worked his way up to choreography and directing various theater genres. 
As a choreographer and assistant director, he collaborated with a number of leading theater directors and took part in dozens of programs on Czechoslovak television. In the 1980s, he collaborated as a screenwriter and director on large revue shows,_cc78190 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
which were presented in Bulgaria, Germany, Belarus and France. Since the beginning of the nineties, he has been mainly engaged in musical production.

He comes up with a new production form of musicals on ice, and as its author, screenwriter and director he realized these original works. The Fairytale Musical on Ice Frozen (1998), The Romantic Musical on Ice Romeo and Juliet (2003) and The Magical Musical

on Ice Cinderella (2011).

In October 2005, he produced and directed the first-ever European tour of America's most famous figure skating show Champions on Ice, which was composed entirely of European, World , and Olympic champions. Jindřich Simek

he wrote his own script for it called  Planet of Champions. The show attracted huge media and audience interest

in many Czech cities. 

He cooperated as a screenwriter and art director  with the Slovak television JOJ. With his team, he prepared a series of fourteen live broadcasts of the entertaining family figure skating TV show Hviezdy na ladė, which were broadcast from September to December 2006.

In 2007, for Majid Al Futaim Holding, UAE , he wrote the script and directed the show Magical Ice Carousel, which was presented with great success in thirty performances at the largest and most luxurious mall in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, where 50 thousand enthusiastic viewers from all over the world watched it.

In 2008, he made a ceremonial presentation for Qtel from Qatar. The celebratory Ice show in Qutar was attended by His His Majesty Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani with the royal family and three hundred guests from all over the world.

In 2015, he wrote the theme and script for the musical Butterfly Princess on Ice for the Chinese company Beijing Wanda Culture Industry Group Co, Ltd.

He is currently preparing a new musical on ice with his co-authors, which will have its world premiere in 2020.



Petr Malasek

The son of a well-known Czech pianist graduated from the Prague Conservatory in piano in 1985 
and composition, then in 1990 at the Faculty of Music of the AMU majoring in composition. 

In addition to composing classical music (Metamorphoses for symphony orchestra, Concerto for flute and strings, Concerto for piano and big band), he composes music for the film (Puzzle Mystery, Z pekla happiness II, The Face of an Angel), television productions and stage performances (Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, Howard Katz, Skin of the Dog, Wardrobe, Cabaret, The Three Musketeers, Richard III.)

With director Josef Bednárik and choreographer Libor Vaculík, they prepared a whole series of ballet performances for the National Theater (Psycho, Malý pan Friedemann, Tchaikovsky, Isidora Runcán, Někdo to rád...). With Libor Vaculík, they also created the musical Edith, the sparrow from the suburbs and Lucrezia Borgia.

As an instrumentalist, he worked for five years in the Radio Praha Big Band and in the jazz formations Hot line, Jazzpress, Františ Kop Quartett. Since 1990, he has been working with the excellent chanson player Hana Hegerová, with whom he performed on concert stages almost all over Europe and also completed two successful tours of the USA and Canada with her.

As a pianist and composer, he also collaborates with Lucía Bíla, Marta Kubišová, Dagmar Pecková, Eva Urbanová, Karl Gott, Jaroslav Svěcený, with the music groups JAR, Pražský větří and Kabát.

He is also the author of the music for the magical ice musical Cinderella and the holder of the Golden Record for the soundtrack from this musical.

He also works as a music producer. He holds a number of Gold and Platinum records for the sale of music carriers. As a music composer, he often collaborates with foreign clients on global advertising campaigns.



Vaclav Copt

Poet, lyricist and actor. He studied music and drama at the State Conservatory in Prague. 

As a pianist, he was a member of, for example, the Bluesberry and Bossa-nova bands. In recent years, he has been mainly engaged in writing song lyrics. He collaborates with Hana Zagorová, Marta Kubišová and the Burma Jones group.

As a lyricist, he participated in the musical Beauty and the Beast, collaborated with Petr Malásk and Libor Vaculík on the musical Edith, sparrow from the suburbs (Josef Kajetán Tyla Theater Plzeň, Moravian Theater Olomouc, National Theater Brno), Lucrezia Borgia (National Theater Prague)_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_a wrote the texts for the American musical Donaha for Prague's Divadlo na Vinohrady!

He is the author of the lyrics for the magical ice musical Cinderella and the holder of the Golden Record for the soundtrack to this musical.



Jana Hübler

Multiple Czechoslovak representative and former multiple champion of the Czechoslovak Republic in ice dancing.


She has been living in Vienna since 1987, where she has been working as a state coach for 20 years. Under her leadership, she became

J. Lautova twice Austrian champion in the women's category. In the junior categories, her students won a total of eight Austrian championship titles and other excellent positions at the European and World Championships.

In addition to his coaching work, he is engaged in choreography. She collaborated with the Szene Bunte Wähne theater.

In the new staging of the fairy-tale musical on ice, Mrázik (2004), she created a completely unconventional and charming choreography of all the figure skating numbers.

As a choreographer, she was part of the artistic team of director Jindřich Šimek during the realization of the entertaining family TV show Hviezdy na laďe on Slovak TV JOJ in 2006.

Radka web.jpg

figure skating casting, choreography

Radka Kovaříková

World champion in the category of sports pairs (1995) and professional world champion (1995 and 1997), Olympian (ZPH Albertville, ZOH Lillehamer)._cc781905-94cde3b-3 -136bad5cf58d_

As the first figure skater in the world, she became the representative of Nastěnka in the fairy-tale ice musical Mrázik and the first representative of Juliet in the romantic ice musical Romeo and Juliet.

After ending a long professional figure skating career, he devotes himself to the casting of figure skaters for film, advertising, figure skating shows and musicals on ice. 

She collaborated with world-renowned trainers and choreographers Irina Rodninova, Sergey Ponomarenko, Marina Zuyeva, Christopher Dean. 

Since 2005, he has been closely cooperating with Intershow productions. In the same year, he significantly participates in the organizational security of the first European tour of the American figure skating show Champions on Ice. 

In 2006, she was the star and supervisor of the entertaining TV show Hviezda na łaide in the Slovak Republic broadcast by JOJ TV, where at the same time, as a casting director, she simultaneously ensured the complete figure skating casting, choreography and training of the performers of this TV show. 

In 2007, she was project manager for the Magical Ice Carousel project in Dubai, UAE for Majid Al Funtaim Holding.

In 2008, she participated in the realization of a presentation show on ice for His Majesty the King of Qatar in Doha, Qatar. 


She also used her experience in the realization of the magical ice musical Cinderella, where she ensured a complete figure skating casting and created an international team of performing artists.


costume designer

Roman Solc

He graduated from the Prague Dance Conservatory (1995). In the years 2001 - 2004, he worked as a member of the National Theater ballet

in Prague. As a dancer, he was awarded II. Prize at the Competition Show of Dance Artists of the Czech Republic and SR Brno 97 and nominations

at the Thalia Award 1996 for the role of Mercutio.

He systematically devoted himself (and still devotes himself) to the work of a costume designer. He created costumes, for example, for ballets for the National Theater in Brno: Marie Stuartovna (1998), Ivan Hrozný (2002) ), Ballet Evening to the Music of Czech Composers (2004), Rite of Spring (2006), for the Prague Chamber Ballet: Frescoes (1998), Slavonic Duets (1999), Z domovyna (1999), Hiroshima (2000), Maria's Dream (2002), for the JK Tyla Theater in Plzeň:_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b5cf58d_Dámá s. kaméliemi (2001), Někdo to horké rád (2003), Čachtické paní (2008), pro Laternu magiku:_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Graffiti (2002), for the National Theater in Prague: Les Bras de Mer (2004), Ibbur (2005), Mozart? Mozart! (2006), for the Prague State Opera: Lady with Camellias (2003), Cinderella (2004), A Midsummer Night's Dream (2006).

His suggestions were also used in many musical productions: 
Cleopatra (2002), The Three Musketeers (2004), Golem (2006), Angelica (2007), Dracula, Mona Lisa (2009)


stage designer

Petr Hloušek

A graduate of Šuřka in Brno (in 1986-1990) and the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava under Professor Dušan Kállay (1990-1996, majoring in book illustration), he profiled himself mainly as a graphic designer, author of a whole series of logotypes

and visual motifs for advertising and cultural and social events.


He was able to test his illustrator skills in the publication World of Animals, for which he created around 160 illustrations mainly of representatives of the bird kingdom.

In 2005, his collaboration with the Municipal Theater in Brno began, for whose production Magical Broadway he prepared the materials for the animated scenic projections. Together with the director Stanislav Moša and set designer Jaroslav Milfajt, they created a visually imaginative concept of the musical form of Vančura's Markéta Lazarová (2007).

By that time, the author's attention was already focused on scenography and video. He tested the possibilities of illustration in scenic projection in other productions of the Brno City Theater (Jazz Side Story, The Death of Pavel První, Red and Black). He further applies his illustrator's experience and graphic designer's routine in the preparation of short film productions such as video clips, documentaries, advertisements, both in the creation of storyboards and in post-production technologies.


expert advisor on magic effects

Jaroslav Kunc

As a professional magician, he has been practicing magic for less than 40 years. Long-term cooperation with agency Krach s.r.o.

Jiří Korn & company and vocal group 4TET.

Now he works as a magic teacher - preparing young magicians for a professional career and as a theater tricks consultant.

Realized theater projects (trick filling) in Prague: Hybernia Theater - MAGIC NIGHT, Karlín Music Theater - musical Lemonade Joe, musical Carmen, Kalich Theater - musical Touha

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