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About Cinderella

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Perhaps no fairy tale has found such popularity in the whole world as the fairy tale About Cinderella. It inspired a number of important artists for film, theater, television, musical or ballet adaptations.

However, our company is the first in the world to introduce it

like a magical musical on ice Cinderella!

Welcome to the fairy tale! 

Jindřich Šimek's script containing all the elements of a fairy-tale fantasy, the beautiful original music by Petr Malásk and the great lyrics of Václav Kopta are the cornerstones of the success of this unique and rich family show. 

A show full of fairytale fantasy and magic, a magnificent and elaborate scene with a perfect film projection, beautiful period costumes, a fascinating light composition with lots of effects and amazing choreography, this is the magical Cinderella musical on ice, which is a world rarity in its artistic conception and performance and in currently, definitely one of the best projects presented on the ice surface, which has already become an unforgettable experience for hundreds of thousands of spectators.

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